Creating a wildlife friendly garden

Digitalis purpurea-flower-26-07-10Now, more than ever, it is vital to help the wildlife in our gardens. Without bees and other pollinators we would not have enough food to survive unless we wanted to pollinate it all ourselves (rather a big job!) A wildlife friendly garden will give you hours of pleasure and entertainment whilst looking and smelling wonderful.

It is easy to provide lots of wildlife friendly plants. The best way to do it is to have plants that flower at different times so there is nectar available almost all year round. Here are some suitable ones.

  1. Flowering herbs such as lavender and rosemary
  2. Wallflowers (Bowles Mauve is a reliable, long flowering one)
  3. Hardy geraniums – lots of different colours available
  4. Verbena bonariensis
  5. Foxgloves (beloved of bumble bees)
  6. Alliums – purples or white spikes
  7. Asters – great for late summer and autumn
  8. Buddleia for butterflies
  9. Sedums for the autumn (and the seeds can provide fuel for birds in the winter)
  10. Campanula (harebell) – normally white or blue and self seed everywhere

Bees generally prefer single flowers rather than double ones as it is easier for them to access the nectar within.

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