P1000203Our services include

  • Garden design
  • The development of a garden from design through creation, hard landscaping, planting and tending the finished garden to ensure that it develops properly.
  • Renovating gardens
  • Regenerating gardens
  • Garden maintenance
  • Irrigation systems

 Garden Design

A garden is a very personal space for its owners.

If it is going to be used by children or pets their needs should be taken into consideration at the design stage.

I work with my clients to design a space which… and the property itself.

Together we create a design which accommodates the needs of the entire family

Each garden is unique and the outcome depends upon various factors including soil type, micro climate, rainfall, maintenance requirements and the availability of skilled people who will be maintaining the garden.

Garden Development

A garden is a reflection of the owner’s personality. Careful consideration needs to be given to allowing for separate spaces for different activities which naturally flow together.

Paths and hard landscaping set the structure which is then softening by planting. The planting itself can vary according to the soil type, the maintenance costs and the owner wishes. Some gardens naturally suit an ‘English cottage’ style, others a more Mediterranean drier garden.  The style of the house itself will influence the look of the garden with a modern property being more suited to a geometric and simpler style.

A green wall can give the impression of a larger garden in a smaller space and can be good for wildlife and also for insulating the property. They can even be a mini allotment with lettuces and other vegetables being available near to the kitchen.

A roof garden can be a private space for entertaining and the planting is helpful for wildlife.

Focal points can completely change the perspective of a garden to make it seem bigger than it is with borrowed and shared views across the surrounding landscapes outside the garden boundaries.

Renovating Gardens

Gardens require ongoing maintenance to keep their shape.

I recommend that anyone moving into a new property does not make any significant changes for a year to see how the garden changes through the seasons. Dead or damaged plants should be pruned or removed but nothing elaborate done.

Regenerating Gardens

A neglected garden can be brought back to life. Some gardens require a minimal tidy up and others a complete revamp.

Garden Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep a garden looking at its best. Gardens can be created to be low maintenance.

 Irrigation Systems

Depending upon the size of the garden and the complexity of the planting you may want to consider an automatic irrigation system. Irrigation systems can be small or large,single valve up to 24 valves and activated via remote control.